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Technical Specifications:

> Filter Guard - 77mm dia x 30mm high > Thread/Insert - 13/16" x 16


Britpart Filter Guard removes potential engine damaging metal particles from your oil.

Clean oil works better than dirty oil with reduced friction and less wear. Britpart's Filter Guard is an inexpensive way of removing the harmful contaminants that conventional oil filters can miss. The contaminants are fine metal particles which act like an abrasive on the fast moving parts in your vehicle's engine - dramatically shortening engine life.

Filter Guard works by magnetic filtration technology resulting in cleaner oil which your engine will thank you for by running better now and in years to come. The Filter Guard will never clog or restrict the all important oil flow.

> Improves fuel economy

> Extends engine life

> No vehicle modification needed

> Added protection for stop & go driving and towing

> Cleans engine oil for 50,000 miles/80,000kms

> Does not effect your Land Rover's warranty

Added protection for your engine!

Important - Please check that there is sufficient room for the addition of the filter guard.

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